Backup as a Service

What is Baas ?

Managing business operations in today’s complex business scenario would be extremely difficult in case of production system breakdown. IT infrastructure could be at risk or fail if organisations do not have a robust backup system in place. Backup of critical process, application, servers and data is an important aspect in any SMB or enterprise organisation’s IT department and can regulate the success of a business. Thus it is crucial for organisations to backup their indispensable & essential data on regular intervals, which can be restored as and when required to ensure business continuity.

Online Backup services, also known as Backup as a Service (BaaS) or Cloud Backup. Using this method of any offsite data storage in which defined files, designated folders, or the entire data / contents of a folder or hard disk drive are backed up by a service provider to a secure cloud-based Datacentre over the Internet. Objective of online backup is simple and straight: “PROTECT THE DATA” ; Whether it's personal or business from the risk of loss associated with user error or mistake or intentional, hacking, Virus, Ransomware or any other kind of technological disaster.

Instead of operating backup with a on-premise centralized IT department, Backup as a Service (BaaS) connects systems to a Datacenter Service Providers network.

Backup as a service is easier and convenient to manage than other offsite services. Instead of worrying & planning for physical tapes, drives, HDDs an offsite location, IT department’s administrators can offload their backup timelines, policies, maintenance and management to the service provider.
Backup as a service is easier to manage than other offsite services. Instead of worrying about rotating and managing tapes or hard disks at an offsite location, data storage administrators can offload maintenance and management to the provider

Why BaaS is Important?

Data is the backbone of any business. It is an essential requirement to safe guard any business for long run. It is shocking that 60% of the organisation lose critical data shut down within 6 months of the loss. Data loss is often a major concern when it is not opted, planed or used effectively or not taken or not considered essential for business.

In-case of critical situation of data loss, and the worry that surrounds it, can be easily avoided by taking or pairing your applications with a complete BaaS backup and recovery solution.

How Does Backup as a Service Work?

In employing Backup as a Service, Please signup or connect with any of our executive. They will understand your data and criticality; This would enable them to suggest the solution in term of sizing, timelines, retentions, backup policies etc.

You make such selections once. Post initial setup, changes of the data, existing data, as well as new data added to the services you've selected, will be backed up automatically and almost instantly.